These are the days or are they?

Candor Faction Symbol. My drawing is copyrighted.

It’s very hard for me to blog about these days without it seeming irrelevant?

All of these random thoughts keep coming through because I am by alone with my thoughts… and come before any actual inspiration to write does. They are observations and random philosophical thoughts. As more and more dystopian novels turn non-fiction I wonder about the true new normal… because we aren’t even close. we have yet to feel the full force of a Great Depression nor have we dealt with the grief of loss happening to us daily with this pandemic.

I am depressed. These are depressing times. I’m have to start selling collectibles to buy dog food.

I think I might live blog these stupid ideas, as at times they are not stupid at all. I also tend to wax poetic when I’m (legally) stoned. I forget them.

Maybe one day I’ll look back and say oh that’s a good idea! Maybe you should write a book or screenplay!

But I want to try to get my worlds together. Blogging, podcast, my writing and oh hell I may as well post my Fan Fiction.

I need an assistant when it comes to staying online and dealing with how ugly social media is. Okay maybe I don’t but I may go crazy.

Pandemic reading and watching? Tell me that some of these themes aren’t happening.

  • Warm Bodies (Social Isolation)
  • V For Vendetta (there is a little bit of our reality throughout.)
  • I am legend film with alternate ending (The Vaccine push)
  • The hunger games (Economic and Racial inequality.
  • The giver (I hope will not be the new normal)

Right now it feels like the Divergent dystopian future is preferable to today’s reality.

What district are you?

So I’ll write here often. That’s the goal!

I hope everybody stays safe! my Covid test results were negative! I’ll clean this up in a bit- this is written from my phone.

9 thoughts on “These are the days or are they?

    1. I am trying to work on letting go of what I cannot control and what I can control is stay inside as much as possible and wear a mask each and every place I go until hopefully January 21st. New Mexico has fared well luckily. Our gov used to be the HHS Secretary before she was the chair of the Hispanic caucus in the us congress and now governor of New Mexico. We are getting ppl from Texas, and Arizona being airlifted here as we have room in the ICU. I am from Texas, my entire family lives in Houston and San Antonio and Austin but I grew up in rural muleshoe Texas. My cousin is a respiratory therapist and I am always scared for her. Like her husband when he joined the marines after 9/11 … Jennifer is doing something for the greater good. No matter how many ppl die from not taking this seriously. Who end rant lol.

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      1. Just leave them.. you never know you could read them this time next year and see how far you’ve come!


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