Kamala Harris, Silver linings and Historic Moments.

I have not been as happy as I was all day, and all night yesterday after the VP pic was announced. I used to work for the Obama Biden campaign and I lived in California for a few years while Kamala was AG. she is just amazing and so is Joe Biden. They’re both really good people and I know can heal this country and the backsliding of the last four years together as one country country, Red or Blue to figure this out when we’re not being torn apart.

I know 100 years ago I would have been a suffragette as my Aunt Hazel was. It’s important to remember that women have only been able to vote for 100 years! We should honor all those who fought for that right and get out the vote! assumption about guaranteed wins is a mistake we all should have learned in 2016.

We must be vigilant and without complacency. Only winning by large margins will oust the swamp without a court battle.

Yay Kamala!!!

The convention is next week check out the party platform.

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