Katherine Shaw

Five years ago I was in film school, happy as a clam. One day, whilst leaving the cafeteria I fell. No big deal it was only ice, right? No, it was a big deal and it changed my life forever. Outside of tearing three out of the four ligaments in my knee, I’ve had to undergo three more surgeries, another coming up to replace it. I’ve had three back surgeries because of the domino effect. Yep, Things were pretty grim stuck in a recliner for nine months.

Such is life

I decided to learn to do what I never dared to before. First, I taught myself to draw, by hand. Digitally, it looks silly but triumphs for the soul none the less.

Lastly, I began to write, a lot. I couldn’t handle the world and all that was going on it is my outlet.

I started with Fan Fiction, and I don’t care what anyone says I still love it, I still write it. Many authors do, the blessing of being anonymous. Send me a message and I may just give you the link.

Now I am working on a few original fiction stories, that I hope to self publish. Celebrity Skin, and The Veil. I need the income frankly. I don’t see it coming in anytime soon, considering the Coronavirus. I also began my first screenplay, Chance Circumstance.

I have a lot of plans for this website. There are many things I would like to share. Thanks for stopping by until then!

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